I grew up with two strong church homes. As the minister’s youngest child, I was approached and asked about my life, plans for school, interests and so on.

When I started out on my own and moved to Ohio, I had never felts so isolated or alone. So, I sought out a church. Singing with the choir there made me feel like myself again.

When I came back to Minneapolis, I wanted to certain I had ways to experience that home away from home, connect with others outside just my peer group, and be prompted to think outside myself. That’s when I found Lyndale. Lyndale has walked with me through the joys of being called to seminary, the difficult journey of my dad’s cancer, and shepherded me to marches and social justice actions.

I love Lyndale. I am grateful for the faces I see at my concerts, inquiries about my work, ad loving interest in my life. I witness joy and struggle and support of each other. I am given opportunities to lead as well I am guided to expand myself in new ways in discussion series and community engagement. We are not an apathetic bunch. Lyndale really works to live in right relationship whether by breaking bread together or holding strong boundaries with each other, our earth and our neighbors.

When I was away at my ministerial internship last year, I ached for you all. This community’s love and support is why I give to Lyndale.