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Calling all Harry Potter lovers and those who seek a spiritual path! Join us as we look at Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

This group was inspired by the podcast “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text”. As such, a group of Lyndalians started meeting monthly to read and discuss Harry Potter. In the UCC, we say that “God is Still Speaking.” God continues to speak words of love and justice into the world — and this group is examining where these lessons come up in the fantastical stories of Harry Potter.

When we meet, we will read a few chapters of the book then engage in discussion around a predetermined theme. Then we apply various historic Christian and Jewish sacred reading practices to the text including Lectio Divina, Ignatian Sacred Imagination, Havruta, Floralegium, and Pardes.

Try out these steps to do a Lectio Divina reading practice with one of your favorite texts:
~ Randomly select a small piece of text, see what “sparkles” at you. Read it several times and sit in silence with the words. Repeat the text and ask yourself the following questions:

~ Narrative – What is literally happening in the story?

~ Allegory – What metaphors or symbols are hidden in the words?

~ Reflection – How does this text speak to you in your life today?

~ Invitation – What action will you take now after this time reflecting?

We will continue to meet monthly. Email the church office at or check out Our Facebook page to learn more and join the group!

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