If You're Not Quite Ready for Sunday

Other ways to be involved.

We have church on Sunday mornings not because it’s an especially holy time of the week, but because it used to make the most sense in an agrarian society. In other words, all time can be holy time if we set our intentions there.

That’s why we have lots of times and ways you can join us. You can go to our pastor’s listening hours for one-on-one time. We have a monthly Book Club. A regular crew gathers every other Thursday morning to support each other and explore their faith in a more introvert-friendly setting called Faith & Fellowship. And we meet for some good old-fashioned Bible Study (with not so old theology!) over coffee on Tuesday mornings at SpringHouse Ministry Center at 8:15am 

Lyndale is also (in)famous for praying with our feet. Catch up with us at LGBTQ Pride, the next #BlackLivesMatter action or standing in solidarity for a living wage (just a few examples!). You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter or email us to find out where we’ll be showing up next.